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[Undertale] I Love You Just The Way You Are :iconfeedthemwell:feedthemwell 12 1
[Undertale] A Fruitful Encounter
Asriel groaned as he woke up and the realization sank in that something was very wrong.
For one, he wasn’t laying down, or even in bed. Something was keeping him upright, with his arms bound above his head and his legs tied together. When he looked up, something dropped in his stomach. There were thick, thorny vines encircling his arms and legs. If he struggled even a little, it would hurt. He opened his mouth to call for help, but he was so stunned by the situation that nothing came out at first. Soon, weakly, he said, “Hello? Is anyone there?”
A cutesy, cartoonish voice rang through the dark space he was in. “I’m here!” There was a rustling noise, and what popped out the end of one of the vines nearly stopped Asriel’s heart from shock. A smiley-faced flower with yellow petals grinned at the prince. “I’m Flowey, Flowey the flower! But you already knew that, didn’t you?”
Something seemed to slide into place in Asriel
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[Undertale] Peckish Princes
Two bored young men had to entertain themselves somehow.
Asriel and Chara were sitting down in one of the castle's hallways, killing time before they had to show up at some meeting or another. Chara yawned while Asriel absentmindedly picked at some dirt under his nails. Eventually Asriel broke the silence with a half-whined "I'm hungry."
"Me too," Chara said. "How about we check out the kitchen? Surely there's no harm in seeing what's for dinner. And dessert, too."
Asriel gave Chara a suspicious look. "Every time we go in there, we do something dumb and Mom ends up banning us."
Chara shrugged. "The statute of limitations on our last ban has to be up by now. Let's have some fun."
After a moment of consideration, Asriel stood up. "Fine. I guess a little taste should be okay."
Chara stood up in turn, mischief in his smile. "Maybe a few little tastes."
The princes arrived in the kitchen. Asriel looked around as Chara took in a deep sniff. "Smells good here. What do you think Toriel's got c
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[Undertale] Offerings to the God of Hyperdeath
Being worshipped as a god by a local town had its perks.
Asriel licked his lips and slid an empty plate aside. People had begun leaving offerings for him, and what kind of god would he be to not accept them? Human food spoiled if left for too long, so it was important to eat it quickly.
Sometimes Asriel thought about going back to his original plan and resetting the timeline, but the current state of affairs made for an interesting diversion. Thanks to his ambassador, he had secured the allegiance of a sizable population, and they made sure their god was comfortable. They'd built him a sort of apartment-shrine, and it was well furnished. The couch he lounged on was well made, perfect for laying around on after gorging himself on the day's offerings. And boy, did his people know how to offer. His ambassador seemed keenly aware of his tastes, and so a lot of sweets made it through his door.
The only hitch was that human food had a side effect that monster food only had in high, concentra
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Nothing doing, really. I kind of transitioned the Fat Asriel stuff into an AU of its own and started putting it up on my main account (which I might just cave and link here eventually). I've been a bit dry on the plot front too. Guess I'll just be sitting for a bit.
[Undertale] I Love You Just The Way You Are
What's this? An art? Yes!

I came up with this idea for a mini-AU where Asriel is brought back to life... and it turns out he cheated when he came back the first time to make himself look skinny. In reality, he was a chubby kid with a sweet tooth and bad habits. The process that brought him back him back to life aged him up and apparently adjusted his extra fluff proportionately. Poor baby is kind of insecure about his body and has some accompanying self-esteem issues, so Frisk lavishes affection and acceptance on him in an attempt to help him accept himself. He appreciates the gestures, to be sure, but he's painfully aware that there are better ways to go about things.

Writing for this mini-AU may come when I can actually finish the sections I keep starting. =3=

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox, etc.
Asriel groaned as he woke up and the realization sank in that something was very wrong.

For one, he wasn’t laying down, or even in bed. Something was keeping him upright, with his arms bound above his head and his legs tied together. When he looked up, something dropped in his stomach. There were thick, thorny vines encircling his arms and legs. If he struggled even a little, it would hurt. He opened his mouth to call for help, but he was so stunned by the situation that nothing came out at first. Soon, weakly, he said, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

A cutesy, cartoonish voice rang through the dark space he was in. “I’m here!” There was a rustling noise, and what popped out the end of one of the vines nearly stopped Asriel’s heart from shock. A smiley-faced flower with yellow petals grinned at the prince. “I’m Flowey, Flowey the flower! But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

Something seemed to slide into place in Asriel’s mind, and a plethora of buried memories surfaced. Though he had not personally lived through the events he was remembering, he knew they had happened somewhere. At some point, in a distant timeline, he had been this flower. However, the events that caused him to become the flower had not come to pass in this timeline, which made its presence alarming. “But how…?” Asriel was speechless. He couldn’t even begin to guess how the floral abomination had found him in his new life.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, if I were you,” Flowey said, his expression turning sly. “All that matters is that I’m here, and I’m going to have some fun before I go back home. This is gonna be your best nightmare, so you’d better get excited!”

“You’re… what’s going to happen to me?” Asriel knew that getting a straight answer out of the flower would be a long shot, but it was worth a try. Hoping the question would buy him a few seconds, he tried to summon a spell to free himself with.

At that moment, the vines tightened around Asriel’s arms and legs, jabbing him with the thorns and making him squeak. “Ah-ah-ah! You thought you could burn your way out of here, did you? If things were that simple, I wouldn’t have even bothered showing up.” Flowey’s grin widened, showing sharp teeth. “As for what’s going to happen to you… well! As I watched you come in, I heard you say you were ‘too skinny to taste good.’ I thought for a while, and then I had an idea… what if I fixed that, hmm? I think it could be fun!”

“Fixed… that?” Asriel looked down and swallowed nervously. Even if he’d had a little baby fat as a child, he’d grown up to be rather svelte. He didn’t think there was even room on his frame for him to get fat, even with the pie his mother shoved at him every once in a while. “Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, Princey,” Flowey said. “When I’m through with you, you’ll be thick and juicy and ripe for the picking. You may have gotten the opportunity to grow up in this timeline, but that just means there’ll be more to play with when we’re done here!” A vine with a round red fruit dropped down, putting the fruit right in front of Asriel’s nose.

Asriel turned away. “This is a bad dream,” he said, his voice quivering. “It has to be.” Flowey moved the fruit to follow his face, and he caught a whiff of a very sweet scent that made his mouth water. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t even had breakfast yet. It seemed that Flowey had chosen his timing to make sure Asriel was vulnerable.

“I said this was gonna be your best nightmare, but I’ll be the one in charge of when you wake up,” Flowey said. At that moment, Asriel’s stomach growled. “Oh boy! Sounds like someone’s hungry. Why don’t you fix that, hmm? Then again, I’m more than capable of fixing that myself.” Vines forced their way around Asriel’s muzzle, forcing it open, and the fruit was shoved into his mouth. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Asriel whimpered as he was made to eat the fruit. The worst part was that it tasted amazing. The flavor was sweet without being cloying, the juice was cool and refreshing, and the flesh and rind had a pleasant texture to them. No matter how delicious the fruit was, he would not give Flowey the satisfaction of hearing him say that he enjoyed it.

“Well? Doesn’t it?!” Another fruit dropped down and bopped Asriel on the nose. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy it or not. I have my ways of making sure you like it, no matter what.” Like before, the fruit was forced into the prince’s mouth, the vines stifling his yelps. “Cry and struggle all you like. No one is coming to help you, so you’d better get used to this. Down the hatch!” Flowey picked up the pace, and Asriel was barely allowed to finish swallowing before another fruit was jammed into his mouth.

After the third fruit, the vines pulled away from Asriel’s mouth, giving him a moment to breathe. He found the pause suspicious, but welcome. The fruit he had eaten had satisfied his hunger, but he had a feeling that Flowey wouldn’t be content with just letting him be full. His suspicions were confirmed when a vine brushed against his stomach, and Flowey made a thoughtful noise. “You must have more room in there than it looks like you do. You’re barely even showing.” A vine without thorns hovered in front of Asriel’s face. “I’m sure you’re thirsty after your meal. Why don’t you take a drink? It’s my special brand of nectar, brewed just for you!”

As expected, Asriel had no choice but to accept the nectar as the vine forced itself into his mouth. The nectar was pleasantly sweet, and had an appealing consistency; it wasn’t quite thin and runny, but it wasn’t thick and sticky either. For a moment, he let his guard down, only to realize that he had started sucking on the vine. Sniveling, he stopped being so active in his own torment, but to no avail. Flowey would pump him full of nectar whether he wanted it or not. Worse yet, he could feel himself starting to bloat, and then pass well beyond the starting stage.

Just when Asriel thought he would be force-fed nectar forever, Flowey turned the flow off and removed the vine. Asriel coughed and sputtered, sucking in breaths. High-pitched cackling nearly made him choke on nothing, and a vine brushed against his stomach once again. “There we go! My, my, someone’s starting to pack on the pounds. Maybe if you weren’t so greedy, you would still be your usual slender self.”

Asriel looked down and hiccuped, his eyes going wide. His belly was poking out, a visible bump on his slim frame. “I-I…” The world seemed to twist as a distinct ill feeling washed over him. “I’m not… greedy…”

Flowey cackled once again. “You sure seemed like you wanted to suck out every drop of nectar you could! Don’t try to deny it. You were sucking so hard it almost kind of hurt.” Shame warmed Asriel’s face, and he looked away. He couldn’t deny it, especially with his belly bulging like it was. “There, there. You've earned a little break! You need time to process, after all. If I could get you where I wanted you without letting you rest, you'd be there already. So, sweet dreams!" Flowey flashed Asriel a wicked grin before disappearing into a tangle of vines.

When the flower was gone, Asriel let himself weep. His belly ached, and he was already so swollen from one session. His sobs turned into a yelp as the vines that bound him began to move, pulling him somewhere. Without warning, he was dropped onto a bed of golden flowers, and vines sprouted above and around him, creating a prickly cocoon. Still, his arms and legs had been released, and he had enough space to turn over if he wanted to. Flowey's voice echoed from somewhere: "This is where you'll be sleeping. Don't try anything funny, like trying to break out, because it won't work."

Sniffling, Asriel rested his hands on his bloated belly. It felt stretched tight as a drum, and occasionally he could feel unhappy rumbles from within. Hoping that some rest would calm his stomach down, he closed his eyes for an uneasy sleep.

He had no idea how much time had passed when he woke up, but when he did, he was unnerved by a powerful sensation of hunger. More than hunger, he was experiencing cravings. He wanted to taste the fruit he had been given again, to feel its texture in his mouth, but he would not give Flowey the satisfaction of knowing he wanted more. No matter how loudly his stomach growled or how badly he wanted something to chew on, he wouldn't say a word. He found himself gritting his teeth in the absence of anything to chew. There was also a lack of things to do in the thorny enclosure, and when he wasn't having anxiety over when Flowey would come for him next, it was rather boring. He could only sleep for so long, especially when the urge to eat pulled at him. Eventually, out of desperation, he tried to eat one of the flowers he was laying on. It was as unsatisfying as he expected.

At that time, he heard rustling, and he knew that his rest period was over. New vines curled around his arms and legs, the ones above him pulled away, and he was dragged back into open space. Soon, Flowey joined him, popping out of the end of a vine. "Howdy, Princey! Did you sleep well? I sure hope so!" The flower moved himself closer to touch Asriel's belly with a leafy arm. "Still so round... how're you going to explain this one? If you ever get out of here, that is."

Asriel could feel his cheeks warming with embarrassment. The flower had asked a good question, but he had no time to mull over an answer before Flowey spoke up again. "Actually, forget about that. First, explain to me why you ate a flower in your resting place. You really just couldn't wait to eat again, could you?"

Asriel looked away. "There's no point in explaining myself to you."

Flowey's vines pulled Asriel back to face him. "Don't get sassy with me!" he jeered, his expression becoming twisted. "But you're right. There is no point in you explaining yourself, because it's not going to change anything." There was some rustling, and a fruit dangled in front of Asriel's face. The mere scent caused his mouth to water, and he tried to pull himself forward to snap the fruit up before Flowey could pull any funny business. Unfortunately for him, the flower was quick on the draw, and he yanked the fruit away. "Ah-ah! You have to say the magic word! I put a lot of effort into growing these things for you, so some manners would be nice."

"P... Please," Asriel stammered.

"Good boy!" Flowey put the fruit back in front of Asriel's face, only to pull it back when he went to eat it. "Ha! You thought I'd just let you have it? It's much more fun to watch you beg."

The cycle repeated once more, and Asriel grunted in frustration. "P-Please!" he cried out. He knew better than to expect mercy from the evil flower, but he also knew that he'd have to be fed eventually.

"Ooh, I can feel how badly you want it! Someone sure is hungry," Flowey taunted. "Okay, you can have it, but only if you clean your plate." A large bunch of fruit sprouted next to the one currently being dangled. "Eat up!"

Asriel's eyes went wide. It was a generous offering, to be sure, far more than the three fruits he had been given at the start, but he felt like he could devour those and then some. After a few moments, he leaned forward and took a bite of the closest fruit. It was just as delicious as before, if not more so, and he ate steadily. Every once in a while, a pleased noise would escape from him, and he would hear Flowey giggle about it and jeer. “Someone sure is enjoying himself!” He had become absorbed in his meal, however, and he barely acknowledged his tormenter. Eventually, he cleared the whole bunch, and he exhaled heavily, licking some juice off his lips. He was bloated again, he could tell that much, and yet he had the feeling he could eat a few more fruits before he became uncomfortable.

Looking down sent a small pang of panic through him; his belly bulged bigger than it did after the last session, taking him from a cute round bump to a stuffed plumpness. He seemed to be getting thicker along the sides as well, sporting the first signs of fat rolls. Before he could spend too long lamenting his new shape, a vine brushed his gut. “Oops, sorry, coming through, you fatass!” Flowey had moved behind Asriel’s shoulder, his diabolical grin right on the edge of his vision. A vine circled around the prince’s girth, and the flower snickered. “What I’d give for a tape measure right now. Or a scale! It’d be so much fun to read the numbers to you and watch you squirm as they went up and up. But I guess we’ll just have to settle for results we can see and feel, won’t we?”

Asriel whimpered. The vine around his middle began to prod and poke, making him squeak in discomfort. "You're getting big," Flowey taunted. "Heavy, too. You've got cushion for the pushin'!" The vines began to drag Asriel back to the flower bed. "But we can do better. Time for another break!" Like before, he was dropped down onto the flowers, and the vines crossed over him.

As he looked around his sleeping space, he noticed that fruit was now poking through spaces in the vines, and the nectar vine from earlier was laying next to him. It seemed that Flowey wanted him to take his feeding into his own hands for a while. He wanted to resist the lures, but the urge to eat was strong. Cautiously, he sucked on the nectar vine, drawing some nectar out. It was pleasant like before, but it felt like a teaser and left him wanting more. It felt like he had to have more, or the hunger would never go away. He plucked one fruit, trying to munch it slowly, but he began to speed up despite himself. He ate one after another after another, even as he could feel the tug of fullness in his belly. After a bunch of fruit, he sighed and took another sip of nectar. Being able to eat at his own pace was almost relaxing, and he stopped for a breather, listening for any signs of Flowey.

When Flowey didn't show up, Asriel heaved a sigh of relief and resumed his snacking. His pace was casual, though after a while he slipped into a mindless pattern of fruit and nectar. The way the fruit settled in his stomach had somehow become satisfying, perhaps because he had some control over his fullness now. The nectar, however, was becoming a problem. Whenever he took a sip of it, he felt compelled to keep going, even as he drank enough to hear himself slosh inside when he shifted. Eventually, his belly began to poke out from under his shirt, and his pants felt tighter along his legs, but he was too trapped in his rhythm to care. After eating most of the fruit within reach, he dozed off during his next break.

It wasn't long before Asriel got a rude awakening. Flowey spoke from right next to his head, jolting him awake. "Well! I know I said earlier that I put a lot of effort into growing for you, but it's nice to see that you're finally putting effort into growing for me, too."

"What?" Asriel groaned as he adjusted himself, then gave a short, sharp gasp when he got an eyeful of how big he'd gotten. "Oh no," he said softly, nearly choking on the words out of embarrassment.

"Don't be so shocked. You've got a greedy gut," Flowey growled. "Deep down, you want more, and you love that feeling you get as you gorge yourself on my offerings."

The worst part was that, if that wasn't true before, it was certainly true now. With every fruit that settled in his stomach and every squirt of nectar he drank came a bizarre pleasure. Even as his belly swelled and the rest of his body thickened, he wanted more. He had slipped into a trance, and all he was focused on was eating and feeling himself grow bigger, no matter how horrified he was whenever he stopped. "You... you did something to the fruit and nectar to make me like this, didn't you?"

"Took you long enough to figure it out," Flowey said. "You're gonna be my prize piggy, and you're going to enjoy it." This time, a blue fruit dangled in front of Asriel.

"What is this going to do, turn me into a blueberry?" Asriel scoffed.

"Sorry to disappoint you and certain people out there, but that'd be too easy," Flowey said. "Why don't you try it and see?"

Asriel hesitated, then took a small bite of the fruit, figuring that it would satisfy Flowey enough to keep him from forcing the fruit on him. The effect of the pungent, tart blue fruit was immediate. Asriel felt a strange sensation pass through him, one almost akin to arousal in the way it inflamed his desires and heightened his sensitivity. His thoughts blurred into a haze, all except one: he was hungry. He greedily devoured the fruit, and then found himself looking for more. "More," he whined. "Please?"

Flowey cackled as red fruit began to appear along the walls of the space, and he spat out one last taunt before disappearing. "I never thought you'd ask! Have fun, Princey!"

Consumed with his hunger, Asriel set about gorging himself on every fruit in reach. He could feel his belly swell as he ate, and the sensation nearly became addicting. More, bigger, heavier was all he could process as he steadily fattened himself up.

Eventually, he cleared a region around him, and flopped back. There was an oddly satisfying heft to his belly now. He rested his hands on it, stroking along where it curved and sending tingles through his body. His shirt couldn't cover his gains anymore, but he didn't mind. It made giving himself belly rubs easier. Soft moans escaped him as he traced himself, gaining an intimate awareness of his bulges and folds. The temptation to satisfy himself one other way surfaced, and he gave into it, reaching down to touch an area he had neglected.

A loud ripping noise cut through the air, killing Asriel's mood and startling him. With some difficulty, he sat up, and what he saw made his heart sink. His pants had split down the thighs, as though they had completely given out from the strain of containing his body.

Ecstasy melted into horror as Asriel got a good look at his new plump shape. He had been horribly wrong about his earlier position that there was no room on him for fat. Flowey had made room.

The wicked flower's cackling echoed throughout the space. “Talk about getting too big for your britches!” Flowey popped up next to Asriel once again. “You were super into it for a moment there! I saw what you were about to do… good thing your pants gave out before you got too risqué. Fapping to your own fat is a level of twisted even I didn’t think about, even though I bet it’s been done.” Asriel whimpered, utterly ashamed. He barely even resisted as vines prodded where the rips in his pants had exposed his thighs. However, at that moment, Flowey froze. “Gosh darn it,” he hissed, the vines receding. “Someone’s coming. I guess that means our time together is almost over. What a pity.”

The vines that formed the enclosure over Asriel’s head pulled away, and daylight began to pour in. “Oh well, I got what I came for. You’re definitely looking tasty now, my dear prince. If only I had a camera… well, I suppose leaving you as a surprise for your loved ones is its own reward. Even if we never see each other again, I had my fun, and that’s what matters. Have fun on the other side!” The light grew blindingly bright, and Flowey’s cackling was the last thing Asriel heard before everything disappeared.

* * *

Chara’s voice was the first thing Asriel heard once he became aware again. “I found him!”

Another set of footsteps came closer, and Asriel groaned as he opened his eyes and stared blearily up into the faces of the people looking over him. Once he realized he was staring at Chara and Frisk, he bolted awake with a yelp, futilely trying to hide his belly with his arms. “No… don’t look at me!”

“Asriel… what happened to you?” Chara knelt down next to his brother. “I had no idea there was any kind of monster magic that could blow you up like this.”

“Shut up,” Asriel wailed, feebly swinging an arm at Chara. “This is too awful… it wasn’t just a nightmare at all, he really…”

“Who really did what?” Chara said. “We’ll find whoever did this to you. If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll make sure he’s punished myself.”

Frisk pursed her lips and shook her head before gently setting a hand on Asriel’s shoulder, only to pull it away when he shuddered. “Don’t touch me, please,” he sobbed, curling up into as tight a ball as he could manage. Frowning, Frisk shushed him softly and took his hand, trying to pull him up.

“Come on, you big crybaby,” Chara teased. “You can’t stay here. We should at least get you home safe so you can rest.”

“But Mom and Dad, they’ll…” Shaking, Asriel allowed Frisk to help him stand.

“They’ve been worried sick. I don’t think they’ll care what your waistline is like as long as they know you’re mostly okay.” Chara took a few steps away, then waited for the other two to walk with him.

“Just… shut up and quit calling attention to it.” Asriel sniffed as Frisk rubbed his back. “Thank you, Frisk, but no more touching for now. Please.” Frisk nodded, and the trio set off for home.
[Undertale] A Fruitful Encounter
This fic contains stuffing and weight gain references. If you're passing by and that's not your thing, please don't raise a stink. Thank you.

Whoops, that got longer than expected.

There was a certain fan comic that showed Asriel tied up in Flowey's vines, and it gave me the idea of Flowey deciding to have a certain brand of fun with his hostage. The line about Asriel saying he was too skinny to taste good also occurred in that comic, and my first thought was "we can fix that." So I did. (I'm not going to link the comic here because I don't want the creators to die of embarrassment when this pops up in their mentions and they see the direction I took their scene in.)

This was a bit tricky to write for me because normally, I prefer when the feedee is enjoying themselves on some level or is at least comfortable, and poor Asriel has a very bad time here. Oh well, he'll get made nice to in future installments. (Yes, there will be more stories following this plotline, mostly fluffy stuff about everyone taking care of Asriel while he's depressed about his weight. Cuddles and fluffs abound.)

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox, but ssssssh.
In the mood for something fluffy. *scuttles off to make a small thing*
Hey, just a heads-up... not feeling too well, so I might be a bit scarce.
Hello! It's been a while since I was here, but I'm thinking I'll come back here for a bit. I'd like to post some of my weight gain stories and art here eventually. The stories will come first, because my computer's in for repairs right now and I forgot to get the art off it before I sent it in. -_- I may consider opening commissions for stories once I'm warmed up, so keep an eye out if you'd like. Thanks for stopping by!


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